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Specialty Grills

Cowboy Firepit wRotisserie SC2042506-GS.jpg

Cowboy Firepit
with Rotisserie

Trail Blazer Ceramic Grill SC2061212-GS.jpg

Trail Blazer Ceramic Grill with Metal Cart

Ranchers XL 36in SC2263901-GS.jpg

Ranchers XL 36”
Smoker & Charcoal Gril

Tomahawk 35in V Smoker SC2299901-GS.jpg

Tomahawk 35.5 "
Vertical Smoker

Round Rock 2 Burner Camp Stove CS2153801-GS.jpg

Round Rock 2 Burner
Camp Stove

Tripod Fire Pit n Grill SC2330501-GS.jpg

Blacksmith Tripod
Fire Pit & Grill

Stockade 49 char SC2315801-GS.jpg

Stockade 49” Charcoal Smoker & Grill

Ranchers Steer 41 SC2162903-GS.jpg

Ranchers Steer Series 41” Charcoal Smoker

Iron Horse 35 Tall Triple SC2300101-GS.jpg

Iron Horse 35” Tall Triple Barrel Grill & Smoker

Tailgate Gas SC2000301-GS.jpg

Game On
Tailgate Gas Grill

18 Adjustable Tripod BA2307301-GS.jpg

18” Adjustable Tripod Charcoal Grill

Grand Champion SC2284903-GS.jpg

Grand Champion
Grill & Smoker 

Yukon Vertical Smoker SC2219701-GS.jpg

Yukon Vertical Smoker
with Offset Firebox

Santa Fe 40 In Smoker SC2299802-GS.jpg

Santa Fe 40 Inch Smoker with Firebox

2B Tailgate Griddle SC2370701-GS.jpg

2 Burner Tailgate
Griddle Grill


smoker 390 SC2032402-GS.jpg

Charcoal Water
Smoker 390

Vertical Gas Smoker SC2351101-GS A.jpg

Two Door
Vertical Gas Smoker

Smoker 585 SC2002302-GS.jpg

Charcoal Water
Smoker 585

44 Electric Smoker SC2187401-GS.jpg

Stainless Steel 44”
Electric Smoker

W Smoker 585 SC2002202-GS.jpg

Electric Water
Smoker 585

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