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Drover Charcoal Grill CG2168610-GS.jpg

Drover Charcoal Grill
with Side Shelf

Item# CG2168610-GS

  • Porcelain Coated Wire Cooking Grate

  • Chrome Plated Warming Rack

  • SS Bottle Opener

  • Foldable Side Shelf Provides Extra Preparation Workspace

  • Front Charcoal Access Door For Easy Refueling

  • Adjustable Charcoal Grate For Longer Burn Times

  • Extra-large Removable Ash Pan

  • Bottom Shelf for Storage

  • 2 Wheels for Easy Transportation

Drover Charcoal Grill spec2 long.jpg

Porcelain Coated Wire Cooking Grate

Drover Charcoal Grill spec1.jpg
Drover Charcoal Grill spec3.jpg

Front Charcoal Access Door

Adjustable Charcoal Grate

Drover Charcoal Grill spec5.jpg

Foldable Side Shelf

Drover Charcoal Grill spec1 long.jpg

Tool Hooks

Product Specification :

  • Product Size: 39.37“ L x 27.95“ W x 46.65” H

  • Total Cooking Area:   534 Sq. In.

  • Primary Cooking Area:   340 Sq. In.

  • Secondary Cooking Area:   194 Sq. In.

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