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3010 QT Alum Fry & Boil ComboTF2042710-GS AA.jpg

30/10 QT. Aluminum Fry &
Boil Combo with Side Table

Item# TF2042710-GS

  • 30 QT. Aluminum Pot With Lid And Strainer Basket

  • 10 QT. Aluminum Pot and Strainer Basket

  • Sturdy Steel Stand With KD Pot Guard and Side Table

  • Durable 38,000 BTU Burner

  • Chrome Plated T-Star Turkey Rack & Lifter

  • Heat Shield

  • CSA Approved 5 PSI Gas Regulator

  • 12 in Thermometer

  • Timer Control System

  • Flame Sensor For Automatic Shut Off Gas Under
    High Wind Condition

  • Safely Fry Up To a 18Lbs Turkey

  • Entire Unit CSA Approved Safety Design

3010 QT Alum Fry & Boil Combo spec3.jpg

38,000 BTU Burner

3010 QT Alum Fry & Boil Combo spec2.jpg

Side Table

3010 QT Alum Fry & Boil Combo spec4.jpg

Sturdy Steel Stand
with KD Pot Guard

High Pressure Hose and Regulator.jpg

CSA Approved 
10 PSI Regulator

Product Specification :

  • Product Size: 29 in x 18 in x 29 in H

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